Shebammed EP

by Arkanjello

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The debut EP by Michael Fox and Gabriel Williams under their group name 'Arkanjello'... It's like Archangels but if they were drunk.

This collaborative effort began in the Summer of 2015 as Gabe had uncertain post-secondary education plans, and the two explored part time jobs. Gabe turned 19 in September and immediately lost his ID and passport, which inspired any and all of the emotional tones on this release. Michael began work at a local music shop, toured with a Christian metal band and formed a jazz trio within the time of production.

Convinced they were able to put their creative minds together to create twisted phat b33tz, they began churning out tracks and ideas. This is the beginning of a series of planned releases as 'Arkanjello'.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Downloading the album for free or for a donation of your choice will give you access to a bonus track, as well as alternate album artwork and various graphic assets designed by Gabe Williams.

We appreciate all the support and will write personal thank you notes to anyone who provides a donation and includes their e-mail. All money will go towards our creative endeavors and gear purchases, ultimately contributing to an eventual full album release in the near future.

A huge thank you is owed to Ian Livingstone for his creative input and mastering skills, who is also known under the name 'Artifiseer' in regards to his music project, he can be found at

From his bio: "Artifiseer is the solo project of Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer, Ian Livingstone. By combining twisted, noisy atmospherics, effervescent synth lines, and bizarre orchestration with effected percussion and layers of his brooding, agile vocals, Artifiseer offers a unique blend of experimentation and pop sensibility."

Of course, we hope you enjoy our debut.


released February 15, 2016

Gabe Williams:
Programming, mixing, lead vocals in Track 1, additional vocals in Tracks 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Michael Fox:
Guitars, lead vocals in tracks 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Mastered by Ian Livingstone (

Self-produced by Gabe Williams and Michael Fox


1. Nirvana
Additional vocal samples taken from Dalhousie University Chorus rehearsal.
Michael Fox - Guitar
Gabe Williams - Vocals, programming, engineering
Ian Livingstone - Additional engineering

2. Ventilation
Ventilator sound effect by Ondrosik from
Michael Fox - Guitar
Gabe Williams - Programming, engineering
Ian Livingstone - Additional engineering

3. Huffing the F-asterisk-asterisk-asterisk Out of Elmer's Glue (Aw @#$% Yeah)
Michael Fox - Guitar, vocals
Gabe Williams - Vocals, programming, engineering

4. ORG
Michael Fox - Guitar, organ
Gabe Williams - Piano, programming, engineering
Organ sample performed by Michael Fox.
Piano sample performed by Gabe Williams.
Sample taken from vintage New York radio weather forecast.

5. Rum and Splenda
Michael Fox - Vocals, guitar
Gabe Williams - Piano, programming, engineering
Fireman vocal sample by dkmedic from

6. 60 Percent Woman
Michael Fox - Guitar, vocals
Gabe Williams - Vocals, tambourine, programming, engineering

Michael Fox - Vocals
Gabe Williams - Vocals
Recorded with Samsung Galaxy S II X Voice Recorder app in Michael's backyard in September 2015.

Recorded July 2015-February 2016 in Michael's basement and/or bedroom, Grand Bay-Westfield. Additional vocals for Nirvana recorded in Ian's living room.

Special thanks:
Aidan Ingalls
Courtney Chesser
Rachael Abrams
Ian Livingstone
Hunter Williams



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Arkanjello Saint John, New Brunswick

Arkanjello consists of duo Michael Fox and Gabe Williams experimenting with legendary riffs and phat b33ts. Inspired by contemporary pop, metal, hip-hop and dance music, Arkanjello's blend of punishing distortion and 80s synths frame many of the ideas cultivated by the Saint John duo, occasionally featuring Michael's angelic vocal melodies or Gabe's choral rich bass tone. ... more

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